Human Wellbeing: Why is Me Time Important?

As a parent or even as a human, assuming you are a human of course, me time is a very important part of human wellbeing. These are the times we are just being us. Doing what we enjoy, just because we can.

We should all try and take a little me time each day. 30 minutes a day is the recommended amount but sometimes it’s better to do it in bursts. It only has to be 10 minutes here or 10 minutes there and this can do wonders for our human wellbeing. These are the times when we relax and put all the carnage of a busy life in order. If you always have a million things running through your mind how can you possibly relax? Me time is time when you become the person you were before you were a parent, employee or spouse/partner.

Unplug Yourself

When taking me time, be sure to put the devices, phones and the internet away, this is not me time, this is everyone time. You cannot truly relax when your Twitter notifications are flying in or your phone is ringing off the hook. The things that modern technology bring are constant reminders of things we wish we were doing or should be doing. So, unplug for a few minutes and chill.

What are the Benefits of me Time?

The benefits of me time are numerous and important. The time to organise things in our minds and get our plans together. A time when we have our best ideas and go on journeys of self-discovery. The more adjusted and relaxed we are, the better we’ll be in all departments of our lives. While your reading that book, you probably won’t even notice you’re doing it, but you are. It helps cut back on the stress and anxiety that day to day life can bring. It helps with concentration and productivity too, so that time when you feel you’re doing nothing at all, you’re doing a whole lot more than you think you are.

What are Sneaky Ways to Get a Few Moments to Myself?

Now we know about me time and why it’s important, we can work out some sneaky ways to get ten minutes to ourselves without the rest of the family even noticing. If you’re picking the kids up from school arrive 10 minutes early so you get a moments peace just with you and yourself. Take your morning coffee watching the sunrise. Walk the dog or walk yourself, that can get you a free half an hour. Take a bath, pamper yourself and relax. Take your lunch break alone instead of at your desk or with friends. Just sit quietly just before you go to bed for ten minutes.

So now, take the time to be you with you and you’ll feel just a little better about things. It’ll make you a better worker, a better parent and a better friend, and all that adds up, to being a better you.

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