Who are you when you’re alone? What does your personal world look like? We are all the centre of our own universe.

Explore the pictures you see when you’re alone, the images you create, the thoughts, emotions, memories, and dreams. Each are uniquely you. Journey through the inner world, where we create the reality we see and feel and know.

This provocative collection of poems will have you searching the very depths of who you are, and the way you view the world. Go on a roller coaster ride through you-ness, the good times and the bad, the memories of the past, and the dreams of the future. Take an expedition through human nature and the illusions we create for ourselves.

The Land Behind the Eyes is a thought-provoking and inspirational collection of poems designed to speak to your soul. If you like a powerful, lyrical style, gritty honest realism, and exploring humanity, then you’ll love B. Brunswick’s eye-opening anthology.

Get the book today and take a walk in The Land Behind the Eyes.

Latest from the Blog

War – A Poem by B.Brunswick

This is an unusually sombre tone for me, but I wrote a poem and I wanted to share it with the world. Sometimes it’s so hard to understand humanity. You ask anyone you know, anyone you pass in the street, if they want wars, the answer would be no every single time. Literally no one…

Human Wellbeing: Dealing with Ego

First, I’ll start by apologising for not writing as many of these articles as I should have, frankly my only excuse is 2020, but you know. It’s a new year so hey ho. At last, the latest in the Human Wellbeing series is here, and today we’re going to cover the subject of ego.

Living with Depression

For the latest in my human wellbeing series, I’m writing about living with depression. This is really uncomfortable for me as I will be sharing more of myself than ever before on a public platform.

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