The Land Behind The Eyes


Who are you when you’re alone? What does your personal world look like? We are all the centre of our own universe.

Explore the pictures you see when you’re alone, the images you create, the thoughts, emotions, memories, and dreams. Each are uniquely you. Journey through the inner world, where we create the reality we see and feel and know.

This provocative collection of poems will have you searching the very depths of who you are, and the way you view the world. Go on a roller coaster ride through you-ness, the good times and the bad, the memories of the past, and the dreams of the future. Take an expedition through human nature and the illusions we create for ourselves.

The Land Behind the Eyes is a thought-provoking and inspirational collection of poems designed to speak to your soul. If you like a powerful, lyrical style, gritty honest realism, and exploring humanity, then you’ll love B. Brunswick’s eye-opening anthology.

Get the book today and take a walk in The Land Behind the Eyes.

Inner Outer: A Poetry Collection

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Emotionally deep and beautifully written

J.S. Larmore | Author | Goodreads Review

Looking for insights into the murky depths of the human soul? Discover a lyrical expedition into the inner workings of our shared complex hearts.

Exploring the questions that haunt our minds for truth laid bare is humanity’s destined rite of passage. And the emotional cadence of poetry works to open our spirits, with every word deliberately chosen to stimulate. Let yourself soar through the chaotic wonderland of the psyche in this rich collection of verse and emerge with the wisdom of a broadened perspective.

Through beautiful wordplay, B. Brunswick takes you by the hand through the collective experiences of heartbreak, anger, and contemplation. From opening yourself fully and examining what’s inside to the spectacular mystery of our connected lives, this breathtaking exploration will hook your essence until the end and leave you pondering the meaning of existence.

Inner Outer: A Poetry Collection is a thought-provoking arrangement of unmissable poems. If you like dreamy investigations, an accessible style, and gorgeous wordsmithing, then you’ll love B. Brunswick’s illuminative anthology.

Buy Inner Outer: A Poetry Collection to expand your being today!

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Every word said, every sentence read, was absolutely beautiful. This book is quite powerful.

Katrina R. Lippolis | Amazon Review

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