Human Wellbeing: The Joy Revolution


The Revolution

My friends, fellow humans, good and wondrous souls, you are the soldiers of the revolution. For this revolution we need no weapons, (hey, put that pitchfork down, I said we need ‘no’ weapons). We will shed no blood, cause no pain, we are soldiers of the Joy Revolution or #Joyrevolution.

We are joining together, we good and beautiful humans, we that are sick of war and hatred. How can we fight such a battle I hear you cry? Well my friends, it’s simple, all we have to do is be nice. We take something as simple as an act of kindness, one single act, empower one individual, give them a kind word when they are having a bad day, tell them they are awesome and they can do great things, tell them they are beautiful, tell them they matter, heck if you love them, tell them you love them. It doesn’t matter if it’s your kid, your spouse, your friend, a neighbour or a complete stranger. You can make someone feel good for no more than the sake of making them feel good? For no more than the sake of their human wellbeing.

You Feel Good, I Feel Good

Now here’s the weird flip side, the selfish bit, the bit that feeds us and fuels us. Every person you help, every single person you empower, even in a way that may seem trivial to you, that power glows in your heart. You feel good, great in fact, wonderful, it’s hard to hate when you feel wonderful.


Haters hate, they always have, they always will, but isn’t us hating them right back for being a hater, hating too? You’re all of a sudden no better than them. What we have to do is ignore it, put it off as a fundamental part of life that we all have to learn to deal with, like going to the toilet, or puberty, or dressing like a squirrel, drinking a pot of yoghurt, standing on a park bench, oh, that one’s just me then! We can just go, “Meh, who cares?” We should even feel sorry for them, like who wants to be an a-hole anyway? “Oh yeah, see that Barry? What an a-hole!” they say. Like, no thanks, it’s way better when people tell you you’re awesome all the time, that’s the kick right there.

You tell people they’re awesome, then they realise it made them feel good, so in turn tell someone else and like a golden web of kindness it spreads. The point is not to care about politics or religion, somebody else’s mortal soul is not your problem. Let them worry about that. If they’re a good person, give them some love. If you don’t agree politically just hear each other out and agree to disagree. It’s really not that hard, it doesn’t make then an idiot or horrible, it just makes us different. Most of us wonderful humans, can just be friends, we can be happy together, all we need is a little understanding and we can all learn off each other. We can let the haters be consumed by their hate because in the end they even hate themselves. They have two choices; They can change, or they can die miserable. But even haters need love, that’s why they hate, because they don’t have enough of it. Yes, ignore them if you need to, but if you are strong and smart and kind, you can find ways to help them too.

Be Nice

All we have to do is say nice things and do nice things, that is the message. Join the movement of kindness and do your part to bring about a revolution, a revolution of joy.

The Revolution

The revolution has begun but you don’t need a gun
Grab a hold of your hopes and have a bit of fun
Dancing in the rain or playing in the sun
If this life is just a game, it can honestly be won

Grab yourself a smile and a heart that’s full of cheer
If you can do it for a week, you can do it for a year
Knowing that you’re beautiful, not running from the fear
Embracing everything you are, through happiness and tears

Spread your love, your wisdom, your caring and your light
When someone is feeling down, losing their own fight
You can pick them up and help them, watch as they take flight
If you want to you can do it, it’s never may or might

Spreading joy ‘til your heart bulges at the seams
You may never know just what it is, but you’ll know how much it means
Let’s make smiles from the tears and laughter from the screams
The time has come for you to start, living out those dreams

Be always asking questions and doing all you can
Everyone has got a dream, but they never have a plan
When your eyes and mind are open, there’s magic in your hands
You can write your own amazing tune, and also lead the band

Start the morning with a smile and do the things you like
It’s called an ‘act’ of kindness, but it’s a way of life
Grab it with all you are, only James Bond’s living twice
You want a happy, loving time? It starts by being nice

For more in the human wellbeing series come back soon.

B.Brunswick is a best selling poet.
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