Human Wellbeing: Kindness

This week for the human wellbeing series we’re going to explore kindness and how it can benefit us, benefit our loved ones and just plain make the world a better place.

Being Horrible

I’ve noticed more and more over time, some people seem to get off on being horrible to other people. I don’t care if you have skin of iron, nobody likes others being horrible to them, for whatever reason. I won’t be going into the politics of it, but we’ve pretty much all experienced it in one way or another. The worst thing about it is, a thousand nice things could be said, and it’ll still be the horrible thing that gets remembered. Nobody gains from this, except one twisted soul getting a messed-up kick from it. I’m sure you’re not, but just in case you are, I have a message for whoever is that person; don’t be that person anymore.

Being Nice Doesn’t Cost Anything

Now let’s talk about the other side of the coin, kindness. Trust me, although these bullies who enjoy hurting others rear their ugly heads in every walk of life, most people are good people and not out to hurt you. I mean you reading this now. I’m sure you try to be nice and a good person, just as I do (though not always successfully I must confess) but apart from when I’m being grumpy, 99% of the time, I am nice (Woo hoo, go me!). The reason I am is simple, and this quote I wrote kind of sums it up: ‘If you want to be a nice person, say nice things and do nice things, it’s simple.’

Acts of Kindness

I would never suggest for a moment that you’re not kind already, but I think we can all make an extra effort to become a little kinder for the good of everyone around us.

Kindness is infectious and just doing a little something for someone else can help both people’s human wellbeing. Of course, I don’t mean going crazy and giving all your money away or anything, I’m talking simple things. It can be as simple as a smile, some encouraging words or giving up a little time for someone else. Maybe a friend is down and would love a phone call or a coffee date, maybe your child is having trouble at school, maybe an older neighbour could use a favour or a friend.

There are always ways of helping people and spreading kindness, whether it’s running marathons for charity or just lending an ear to a someone that needs it. The best thing about kindness is, there is no downside, there is nothing negative that comes from kindness at all. Of course, you have to know when to leave someone alone too. You don’t want to be overbearing, but if you listen and watch you will be able to make a good judgement on the best way to be kind based on each person and each situation.

There it is, the method is so simple, be nice and kind and you will be a better person. You will make others feel good for your effort and you’ll generally be making this planet a better place.

So, go out there and spread the love and do it through kindness. Make that extra effort to be kind. It’ll make you feel good and even more importantly, it’ll make the person your being kind to feel good as well. In my book (pun intended), that is a win win situation for everyone.

In short; a kind person is my kind of person.

Come back next month for another exploration of human wellbeing or click here to read other blogs in the series now.

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