Dream Snatchers

What is a Dream Snatcher?

Dream Snatchers are the people who we all bump into throughout our lives who try to hold you back. They are the people that when you tell them an idea, the first thing they do, is tell you why you can’t achieve that dream, or you shouldn’t try.

In most cases, when they tell you that you can’t do something, it’s simply because they couldn’t imagine doing it themselves. I’m sure, it’s as familiar a story to you, as it is to me.

How can you spot a Dream Snatcher?

They say things like:

  • You can’t afford to do that.
  • Only special people can do things like that.
  • That’s a crazy idea.
  • Grow up and get a real job.
  • Don’t be a dreamer.
  • You can’t take chances like that.

They want to keep you in the box in which they think you belong, when the truth is, that’s their box, not yours.

The worst thing of all is, the dream snatchers are often the people who you are closest to and the people you turn to first. Your parents, your teachers and your friends. They point out the risks and not the benefits of taking that leap to follow your dreams. They tell you they don’t want you to get hurt or to fail or make the same mistakes that they did. But the truth is, it’s better to fail doing something than it is to do nothing at all. That, in itself is failure.

Ask a young child what they want to be when they grow up, and they have big dreams such as:

  • A rock star
  • An astronaut
  • A secret agent
  • An actor
  • A sports star

Ask again when they are fourteen and they want to be a builder or a sales person or a hairdresser, that first youthfully inspired dream has well and truly been snatched from them. And there is nothing wrong with choosing these professions but it needs to be your dream, not what you are resigned to doing.

Are you a Dream Snatcher?

How can you avoid being a Dream Snatcher?

When someone tells you an idea, take that first thought that enters your head which is usually a negative one and keep that to yourself. Then think of something positive to say about their idea. Encourage them to dream, encourage them to create and then help to guide them into putting the plan into action.

Can you imagine what we can achieve if we all did that? So, don’t be a Dream Snatcher be a Dream Giver.

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